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Used To Love You :iconxxrazorbladelovexx:XxRazorbladeLovexX 0 0
I'm Proud Of Us by XxRazorbladeLovexX I'm Proud Of Us :iconxxrazorbladelovexx:XxRazorbladeLovexX 0 0
Fall. -A poem by Dean Winchester
The day you fell,
I fell.
Like meteors,
So beautiful
So spectacular,
So…heartbreakingly gorgeous.
Your family fell,
To the Earth,
Like shooting stars.
And as their wings
Burned to cinder,
I swear,
I saw only you.
And as you wept in my arms,
Like a hurt child,
So sad,
So broken,
And altogether so beautiful,
I assured that it was not
Your fault.
You smiled, but
Never would you
While your faith in me was
Faith in yourself
And while you could no longer feel them,
I still saw your wings.
And even without your Grace,
You were still my angel.
And so it came to be,
The dreaded year,
My little brother
Fell prey to Lucifer
Once again.
Sad humans
were now monsters.
And so were you.
A life filled with
Drugs, sex and booze
was definitely not
how I imagined you would survive.
But, like me, you were broken.
We needed each other.
And as was said today,
8 years ago,
"Life happened."
And I realized, that
My not-so baby brother
was right.
:iconxxrazorbladelovexx:XxRazorbladeLovexX 6 1
Smile And Do It Right by XxRazorbladeLovexX Smile And Do It Right :iconxxrazorbladelovexx:XxRazorbladeLovexX 3 4 Sam Winchester's 3rd Grade Journal-Wish by XxRazorbladeLovexX Sam Winchester's 3rd Grade Journal-Wish :iconxxrazorbladelovexx:XxRazorbladeLovexX 11 9 Sam Winchester's 3rd Grade Journal-Hero by XxRazorbladeLovexX Sam Winchester's 3rd Grade Journal-Hero :iconxxrazorbladelovexx:XxRazorbladeLovexX 7 5 Sam Winchester's 3rd Grade Journal-Cover by XxRazorbladeLovexX Sam Winchester's 3rd Grade Journal-Cover :iconxxrazorbladelovexx:XxRazorbladeLovexX 0 0
Mature content
Don't Take This Sinner From Me-End!verse :iconxxrazorbladelovexx:XxRazorbladeLovexX 1 0
Don't Take This Sinner From Me by XxRazorbladeLovexX Don't Take This Sinner From Me :iconxxrazorbladelovexx:XxRazorbladeLovexX 6 0 Fake a Smile by XxRazorbladeLovexX Fake a Smile :iconxxrazorbladelovexx:XxRazorbladeLovexX 4 0 Dean Winchester Jack O Lantern by XxRazorbladeLovexX Dean Winchester Jack O Lantern :iconxxrazorbladelovexx:XxRazorbladeLovexX 3 0 I'll Burn The Heart Out Of You by XxRazorbladeLovexX I'll Burn The Heart Out Of You :iconxxrazorbladelovexx:XxRazorbladeLovexX 6 4
Mature content
Letter to Sammy-An Apology from Dean :iconxxrazorbladelovexx:XxRazorbladeLovexX 1 12
A Supernatural Song Challenge Pt. 3
Song 3 : Just A Dream-Carrie Underwood
Warning: Character Death, Angst
An eighteen-year-old Castiel stood in front of his coffin, clutching the folded flag and the framed photo in his shaking hands. He was not supposed to be here. Not today. Not yet. Today, he was supposed to be in a white tuxedo, not a cheap black suit. Sam was supposed to be hugging him and congratulating him, not sobbing into his shoulder. He was supposed to be kissing his new husband, not shoveling dirt into his grave. The tears streaming down his face were supposed to be tears of joy.  In what universe was this considered fair? Noises were dulled. He couldn't even hear Sam ask him if he could stay over...of course he could. He didn't even have to ask. Neither of them needed to be alone right now. The shots rang out after TAPS was played and every one of them pierced his broken heart. He prayed, hard, for an answer. Why Dean? Why did his strong, everloving rock have to fall? What had Cas done wrong to deserve
:iconxxrazorbladelovexx:XxRazorbladeLovexX 2 0
A Supernatural Song Challenge Pt. 2
Song 2: Broken-Seether ft. Amy Lee
It had been three months since Heaven had fallen. Three months since Castiel joined the Winchesters as a hunter. He’d picked up on techniques rather quickly and was now practicing hard to beat Dean’s time in gun reassembly. To say Dean was impressed would be an understatement and he made a point of letting the ex-angel know that he was proud of him albeit every day.
But also, with the success and challenges, came a whole other, more difficult challenge. Emotions. Castiel really struggled with them. There were days when he’d hole himself up in Dean’s room and lock the door, in a deep, dark sort of depression. There was guilt and self-loathing that came with it and Castiel would curl up in a ball and sob so hard that when he finally decided to come out, his blue eyes were red and bloodshot. And Dean would sit outside the door, talking him through it and listening to the same thing over and over, “It’s my fault. They f
:iconxxrazorbladelovexx:XxRazorbladeLovexX 1 0
Mature content
A Supernatural Song Challenge Pt. 1 :iconxxrazorbladelovexx:XxRazorbladeLovexX 0 0
It's a story I wrote...I like it a lot. I got the idea from a rose tht my boyfriend got me for Valentine's Day.



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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I am Angie. I adore Green Day and My Chemical Romance alike, thought I prefer 80's and 90's rock. My hero is Gerard Way. That one man has inspired me and has saved my life and for that, I could never thank him enough. Music is my's gotten me through a lot of tough times...and no matter what, I know it will never let me down. Noel Fielding is my inspiration for life and fashion. He is another one of my heroes because he can always make me smile without fail. I'm a feminist and a strong supporter of the LGBTQ community, but I believe in equality for every human being. I draw, write, and doodle a lot. :) I'm thinking about a career in art therapy at the moment. Shaun of the Dead is my favorite movie and Iron Man is my favorite hero, Loki being my favorite villain of course. I'm also a big fan of BBC's Sherlock, Supernatural, Game of Thrones, The Mighty Boosh, Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy, and The Walking Dead. I ship Frostiron, Stony/Superhusbands/Superfamily, Thorki/Thunderfrost, Spideypool, Johnlock, Destiel, Sastiel, Wincest, Wincestiel, Spirk, Howince, Noelian and Jimlock/Sheriarty (as well as a shit ton of others). I love Star Trek. Leonard Nimoy is my one true Spock, but Zachary is fucking awesome too. Live long and prosper <3

Current Residence: Farmersville, OH
deviantWEAR sizing preference: medium
Favourite genre of music: 80's and 90's Rock
Favourite photographer: idk
Favourite style of art: pencil/charcoal/color pencil/painting
MP3 player of choice: Anything that plays music is fabulous :)
Favourite cartoon character: Zim
Personal Quote: "Life is nonsense. Wear silly shoes." -Noel Fielding
  • Listening to: a dove and some birds outside
  • Reading: I Heart You, You Haunt Me
  • Watching: Secret Window laters :)
  • Playing: piano
  • Eating: patato chips
  • Drinking: iced tea
so..someone asked me who Tre' Cool was...i almost peed cause this is my fave question to answer :))

This is exactly what i said:

holy shit...Who the fuck is Tre' Cool?...oh God, how do i explain this? He is the awesomest, sexiest, most talented, craziest, most hyper and energetic ADHD drummer in the world...He is the drummer of the well known band, Green Day..he has stunning blue eyes..the most heartwarming smile in the world...He snorts donut sprinkles and has the attention span of a squirrel...He beats the living shit out of the drums...he is very close and personal with everyone...and according to Billie Joe Armstrong "someone he can shower naked with"...He wrote the songs Dominated Love Slave and Rock n Roll Girlfriend...he's a liberal that smokes lettuce and a shit ton of weed...He's the only man in the world who would name his son Frankito...(his name is Frank Edwin Wright III but former band members dubbed him Tre Cool..meaning "Very Cool" in French and it stuck)...He has only 1 testicle (due to a most unfortunate unicycle accident in high school)...mostly, he dont give a single fuck about what anyone cares about him...he's my idol and role of few of my heroes...

I <3 Tre' Cool


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